Live Micro-Surfacing Mixing Machine

As our name implies, we specialize in micro-surfacing, a polymer-modified cold-application paving system developed in Europe in the 1970s. It is designed to set quickly and uses high-quality aggregates to provide a long-lasting wearing surface on good, strong pavements.

The full-width wearing surface is the most common application. It is often a double-course process adding about 3/8" thickness to the existing surface. It can also be applied in a single course on lower volume traffic areas. Either way, adjustments to manholes, inlets, etc. are not necessary. Different aggregate gradations can be used to affect surface texture and wearability.

Micro-surfacing can also be used to fill wheel-path ruts. A special rut-fill box is used to fill one rut at a time, up to about two inches in depth. This is a cost-effective alternative to expensive pavement milling and hotmix inlay. In most instances, pavement markings can be left undisturbed and years of service life added to what was an unsafe surface.

For a complete review of the Micro-Surfacing process dowload the Micro-Surfacing 101 PowerPoint document (22.7Mbs).

St. Louis Night-time Interstate Project

Over 100 lane miles of urban interstate micro-surfacing work.

For a complete review of the St. Louis Project dowload the St. Louis Night-time Interstate Project document (40.2Mbs).